1. Introduction & Purpose:

This policy sets forth the terms and conditions of employment for all staff members at EDUSN Digital School. It aims to ensure a clear understanding of the responsibilities and expectations for both the school and its staff members.

2. Employment Commitment

All staff members are required to commit to a minimum term of employment as specified in their individual employment contracts. This term is essential to maintain consistency and quality in the school's operations.

3. Employment Contract

Upon employment, all staff members will be required to sign a contract. This contract will detail the terms of employment, including duration, roles and responsibilities, compensation, benefits, and other pertinent details.

4. Resignation and Termination Policy

a. Resignation: Staff members wishing to resign must provide written notice to the school administration, adhering to the notice period specified in their contract.

b. Termination: The school reserves the right to terminate employment in accordance with the terms set out in the employment contract and applicable labor laws.

5. Conduct and Performance

All staff members are expected to adhere to a high standard of professional conduct and performance. Regular performance reviews will be conducted to ensure these standards are met.

6. Professional Development

The school is committed to the professional development of its staff and will provide opportunities for training and growth.

7. Non-Discrimination Policy

EDUSN Digital School is an equal opportunity employer. All employment decisions are based on merit, qualifications, and abilities, without discrimination on any basis.

8. Confidentiality

Staff members must agree to keep all sensitive information about the school, its operations, and its students confidential, both during and after their term of employment.

9. Conflict Resolution

Any disputes or conflicts arising during employment will be handled through a defined conflict resolution process to ensure fair and equitable treatment.

10. Policy Amendments

This policy may be amended from time to time, and staff members will be notified of any changes.

11. Acknowledgment

By accepting employment at EDUSN Digital School, staff members agree to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in this policy. Violations may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.