1. Introduction & Purpose:

This policy establishes guidelines for the responsible use, management, and protection of data and information resources accessed through or stored on school technology systems, including Microsoft Teams, for all staff, teachers, and students at EDUSN Digital School.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all users of the school’s information systems, including faculty, staff, students, and any other authorized users.

3. Data Access and Usage

a. Authorized Access: Access to digital platforms, including Microsoft Teams, is restricted to authorized users who have
been granted access by the school’s IT department.
b. Responsible Use: Users must utilize school data and information resources solely for educational and school-related activities.
c. Confidentiality: Users must maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive or personal information they access.

4. Data Storage and Security

a. Secure Storage: All data, including student records, teaching materials, and administrative information, must be stored securely within the school's approved systems. b. Data Encryption: Where possible, data should be encrypted to protect against unauthorized access. c. Password Protection: Users must use strong passwords and change them regularly to ensure account security.

5. Privacy and Compliance

a. Personal Information: The collection, use, and disclosure of personal information must comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations. b. Data Sharing: Sharing of personal or sensitive data outside of school-approved platforms is strictly prohibited.

6. Online Conduct

a. Appropriate Behavior: All users must conduct themselves professionally and respectfully in all online interactions. b. Prohibited Activities: Activities such as cyberbullying, harassment, or sending spam are strictly prohibited.

7. Data Breach and Reporting

a. Incident Reporting: Any suspected data breach or security incident must be immediately reported to the school’s IT department. b. Response Plan: The school has a data breach response plan to address and mitigate any security incidents.

8. Policy Enforcement

Failure to comply with this data policy may result in disciplinary action, including revocation of access privileges, suspension, or expulsion for students, and termination of employment for staff and teachers.

9. Acknowledgment

All users of the school’s information systems are required to acknowledge and agree to abide by this data policy. Understanding and adherence to these guidelines are essential for maintaining the integrity and security of the school's data systems.