Meet Mr. Soe Naing
Meet Mr. Soe Naing, the founder and sole owner of EDUSN Digital School, a visionary educator who is passionate about making quality education accessible to everyone. Mr. Naing is a true pioneer in the field of online education, having launched EDUSN Digital School as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic and political turmoil in Myanmar.
Mr. Naing's journey as an educator began in 2018 when he founded SCIBN College under the ATHE awarding body and approved satellite centre. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and political situation in Myanmar, the college program was put on hold. But that did not deter Mr. Naing from pursuing his passion for education.
He pivoted quickly and launched a virtual school for primary and secondary students in July 2020.The virtual school has been a resounding success and has helped thousands of students continue their education during these difficult times. Now EDUSN digital school has surpassed its expectations with more than 1500 students attending from more than 30 cities in Myanmar and 10 countries around the world.
He also founded EDUHOME, a free school that provides education to students who can’t afford to attend on-ground schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic and political turmoil in Myanmar. Currently, over 200 students are attending EDUHOME, and in the past two years, more than 600 students have benefitted from this innovative initiative.
His generosity and dedication to education have earned him widespread admiration and respect. His work has been a source of inspiration for students and parents, and educators alike. Through his leadership, EDUHOME has become a symbol fo hope for learners across Myanmar who are facing unprecedented challenges.
If you’re looking for an educator who is passionate about making a positive difference in the world, look no further than Mr Naing and EDUSN Digital School. With his unwavering commitment to education and his innovative approach to learning, Mr Naing is a transforming lives and creating a brighter future for all.